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he Stormwind Guard Guild is a RP Guild on the steamwheelde caterl EU server.


 The Stormwind Guard operate as the chief law enforcement organastion within Stormwind, the Guard's primary objectives being to mantian the King's peace and uphold the King's Law. The Stormwind Guard is a branch of the Stormwind Military serving under direct command from the General Marcus, Stormwind Council and the King himself but removed from the traditional command structure of the Military. The Stormwind Guard's chief jursidiction is the city of Stormwind it's self however the Guard have the authority to pursue and arrest criminals within any of the provinces of Stormwind and there have been many examples of the Stormwind Guard working along side the province's law enforcement agency.

Life within the the Stormwind Guard is one of duty, discipline, respect and authority, All guards are trained to respect the chain of command and expected to carry out thier dutites with discipline and honor. All guards are required to patrol the city, keep the peace and investigate crimes. Officers over see the training of the rank and file and keep order and discipline within the guard. Though despite the strict military rule there is a strong family feeling between the guards.


The Guard recruit all Alliance races however Night Elves and Draenei will need a valid reason to join the Stormwind Guard. The Guard do not accept IC Warlocks or Worgen Death Knights (This is because the guild management feels there is not enough Lore to support Worgen Death Knights, however everything is open to disscusion) and at least level ten is required to join the guild due to uniform requirements.

The Guard also requires all of it's memebers to have a basic understanding of basic roleplay protocol and a decent understanding of the English language, an OOC and an IC interview must also be passed before some one is invited to join the guild.


To enquire about applying contact one of the Guard memebers in game



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